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Flexible Packaging

In addition to general packaging materials, we plan and develop flexible ones with diverse features. Offering products that satisfy your expectations, we are also happy to tailor our product to your needs, actively developing new products. We value any customer feedback.

  • MicroSteamer


    Easy and convenient range-through function Microwavable packaging compatible with both pillow bag types and top sealing with film, enabling other various applications.

  • EdgeStand


    Winner of the Good Design Award. Eye-catching on the shelf This gusseted stand-up pouch is specially designed to increase self-standing strength, featuring a skirt-like fold acting as a foundation around the bottom. EdgeStand is available in a pillow packaging machine.

  • EcoLook


    Food easily visible with top seal packaging Going beyond the conventional concept of a flat flange, the tray’s front side is cut diagonally. Since the tray has greater visibility from the front, the food inside is easily visible on the shelf, increasing the competitiveness at the store.

  • Volume Up Tray

    Volume Up Tray

    Stimulates the desire to buy with its three-dimensional appearance
    Tray sealing
    With the flange raised on both sides (trapezoidal, arc, etc.), the tray looks larger and deeper. Like EcoLook, it adopts top seal packaging.

  • Hybrid box

    Hybrid box

    Joining paper box and plastic film bag together Plastic film bag inside a paper box. By cutting the film flap protruding from the top of the box, you can easily pour the contents, reclose the box and recycle the package after use.

  • Shaped Pouch/Spout Pouch

    Shaped Pouch/Spout Pouch

    Unique shape for differentiation For liquid and other similar products, we offer pouches with a unique shape to the enhance shelf impact. Reclosable packaging with a spout is also available.

  • Anti-fog Coating

    Anti-fog Coating

    Clear appearance without fog. Functional coating is applied to prevent fogging of the transparent film. Top seal packaging widely uses the coating to clearly show the contents on the shelf.

  • In-mold Labeling

    In-mold Labeling

    Enhancing the decorativeness of containers A label is placed in the mold during the manufacturing of the plastic container to be an integral part with an addition of high-quality decoration. Dimensional accuracy is excellent with labels being extracted individually.

  • General Packaging

    General Packaging

    A wide variety of flexible packaging available to suit your needs Our offerings include a three-side seal bag, pillow bag, gusset bag, stand-up pouch, shrink label and laminated roll stock. Being ready to serve you quickly, we can also make a proposal from the planning stage.


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