Hybrid box

This packaging feels new with a paper box and a film bag joined together.

The plastic film bag is bonded to the inside of the gable top paper box to join them and make the push-pull spout functional.

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  • As the paper box and the film are joined, you can open the inner bag and easily pour the contents by cutting the gable top film flap.
  • After pouring, you can reclose the carton simply by pushing back the triangular spout.
  • The bottom of the film bag floated inside the carton has a cushioning effect on the contents vulnerable to impact.
  • The packaging has both advantages of a paper box (attractive appearance on the shelf) and plastic film (multifunctionality like having a barrier to oxygen).
  • You can separate the film bag from the paper box to dispose of them separately.


Cereals, snacks, potato chips, pet food, etc.

Example of material composition

Paper box: Coated cardboard
Plastic film bag: Single-sided heat seal OPP// VMCPP

Automatic packaging system

*The system is under development.

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