Planning, Ordering and Production Procedure (Flexible Packaging)

Experienced staff work with you to offer planning and proposals for our packages that will be competitive in store. We offer total support for the process up to manufacturing.

01.Make a plan

Understanding your needs in detail

Our sales staff listen to you about the features and design you require. This support may extend to development of a product that matches your needs.


Deciding on specifications

With close attention paid to the material selection and processing method, we offer a proposal for the specifications.


Deciding on the design

We create and propose a design plan that matches the product concept.


02.Produce packaging

Integrated production system

Emphasizing quality, functionality and design, as a general rule, we apply the integrated production system in-house. To enhance quality, we conduct control and improvement of production processes, and quality inspection every day.


03.Offer support and management

Storing data and providing the latest information

We manage digital data to enable a quick response to frequent updates. We also promptly handle your requests for redesign and format renewal. Moreover, we offer information on new materials and processing technologies as needed.



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