Packaging System


For some of the flexible packaging materials developed by us, we offer packaging lines. Each packaging line is designed to make the most of the characteristics of the packaging material, with mass production enabled in collaboration with a manufacturer specializing in packaging machines.

Our focus is to build a novel system like the one that allows forming folds and filling of a stand-up in a single pillow pouch packaging line, and a tray sealer (top sealing) capable of applying top film onto a non-flat flange. 

Characteristics of our packaging system

Rather than building a packaging line from scratch, we make use of the machine frame provided by the manufacturer to alter a part of it to suit the requirements of our original packaging material. This includes a pillow packaging system (stand-up pouch) that allows forming folds and filling in a single line, and a tray sealer (top seal) capable of applying top film onto a non-flat flange. We support the construction and introduction of the line you require as well as novel ones.

System Introduction

Here is the introduction of two packaging systems.


Inline EdgeStand System

The system performs the integrated process from forming folds to pillow packaging for the stand-up pouch EdgeStand which is able to stand erect on a shelf with the fold acting as a foundation around the bottom. Just by setting laminated roll stock, you can have the system form the gusseted stand-up pouch and fill it to complete the pillow packaging.


EcoLook System

This packaging system improves the eye-catching impact and reduces the use of plastics for eco-friendliness. The automatic tray sealer applies the film lid to hermetically seal the tray with the front part cut diagonally to make the food easily visible. The system allows application of heat sealing to a non-flat flange as well as gas flush.

Selected Products



Winner of the Good Design Award.
Eye-catching on the shelf

This gusseted stand-up pouch is specially designed to increase self-standing strength, featuring a fold like skirt acting as a foundation around the bottom. EdgeStand is available in a pillow packaging machine.


Food easily visible with top seal packaging

Going beyond the conventional concept of a flat flange, the tray’s front side is cut diagonally. Since the tray has greater visibility from the front, the food inside is easily visible on the shelf, increasing the competitiveness at the store.


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