Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers for your efficient access to the information on our products and services.

General questions and answers about us

Q1.What does Chokoku Plast do?

We plan and manufacture flexible packaging (plastic film or paper packaging products) for food, daily household items and other various goods on store shelves, and coating film products. We also offer several original products.

Q2.Where can I request a quotation?

You can use email, fax or telephone. Please feel free to contact us. If you let us know the final size, material, quantity and number of colors, we will put together a quotation after consultation. You may also request one from the Contact page on our website.

Q3.Tell me the products considered appealing to customers.

We have a lineup of unique products like the specially shaped stand-up pouch with rectangular bottom EdgeStand and the self-venting package MicroSteamer for microwave ovens. For details, please visit the product information page on our website or contact us.

Q4.What are the applications of your products other than food packaging?

Our products include coating on film or paper (release liner, etc.), packaging for pets, hairdressing and cosmetics, wallpapers and fire-retardant mats.

Q5.Do you specialize in special bags?

For plastic film packaging (so-called flexible packaging), basically we produce roll stock films, flat bags and other ordinary style bags in our integrated production line.

Q6.Do you sell any item that is not made-to-order?

For MicroSteamer, we also sell standard pouches.

Q7.Where is the main manufacturing facility?

Our products are manufactured at the factories in Osaka and Shizuoka. The affiliated company (Sapporo) also has a production facility.

Q8.Can you handle order and delivery from/to anywhere in the country?

Basically, we handle every order and delivery from/to all parts of the country.

Questions and answers about products and development

Q1.What equipment is required to use roll stock in EdgeStand packaging?

To use roll stock, you need a horizontal or vertical pillow packaging machine that can create a gusset. Depending on the manufacturer or model of your packaging machine, you may be able to use your machine with minor alterations (off-line system using flexible laminated roll stock with folds).
We are also developing an in-line system that allows EdgeStand packaging using general laminated roll stock.

Q2.What is the largest size of packaging formed by EdgeStand?

We offer packaging size variation, therefore, please feel free to contact our sales representative for any questions.

Q3.Tell me the forms in which MicroStreamer can be delivered.

Depending on the shape, it can be delivered as pouches or roll stock. For roll stock, you can use your pillow packaging machine or tray sealer without alteration.

Questions and answers about specialty or general technical matters

Q1.What are the features and benefits of gravure printing?

There are several benefits, but the major ones include printing with a unique deep color tone, excellent reproduction of gradations in color photos and images, and suitability for a large number of copies due to speed and durability.

Q2.I would like to use AGELESS (oxygen absorber). Do you have a bag compatible with it?

Yes, such a bag is available by selecting the type of plastic film. According to the target storage period, you need to choose an appropriate type. For details, please contact our sales representative.

Q3.I want to wrap my product, but how should I choose the packaging material and method?

The desirable features of packaging are different, including barrier properties and suitability for distribution in terms of food protection, effective shape and design for shelf impact, and convenience for consumers. If you contact us, we make a proposal based on the conditions necessary for the packaging we can offer.


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