We focus our development on three business operations: flexible packaging for food, cosmetics, etc., our related original packaging systems and industrial materials manufactured by a high-speed coating system.

Our Businesses

  • Flexible Packaging

    Flexible Packaging Flexible Packaging

    Being made of plastic film, paper or other highly flexible material, flexible packaging can be widely used for food, cosmetics, daily household items, etc. Its features are diverse including having a barrier to oxygen, fragrance retention, hygiene, easy opening and suitability for auto packaging. With a growing emphasis on eco-friendliness, many clients are using our lighter and more compact flexible packaging.

  • Packaging System

    Packaging System Packaging System

    For some of the flexible packaging materials developed by us, we offer packaging lines. Each packaging line is designed to make the most of the characteristics of the packaging material, with mass production enabled in collaboration with a manufacturer specializing in packaging machines.
    Our focus is to build a novel system like the one that allows forming folds and filling of a stand-up pouch in a single pillow packaging line, and a tray sealer (top sealing) capable of applying film onto a non-flat flange.

  • Coated Products

    Coated Products Coated Products

    We offer coating on diverse materials like PET, other plastic films and glassine paper. The gravure coater with a pass length of 180 m achieves high-speed multifunctional coating. Since the system consists of 2 units with the inverting machine in between them, the coating solution can be applied to both sides of the substrate in a single pass. We can also use the coating solution you provide.

Planning, Ordering and Production Procedure (Flexible Packaging)

Accurately understanding your needs such as required features, points of emphasis and decorativeness, in principle, we apply the integrated production system. We are happy to follow up after delivery.

Planning, Ordering and Production Procedure (Flexible Packaging)

Introduction to Production Facilities

To maintain the highest quality and ensure speedy production without loss on the production floor, our facilities are ready for all processes from design creation, to image processing and printing, lamination, coating and bag manufacturing.

Quality Control

To continually manufacture and deliver high-quality products, we conduct strict control and improvement of production processes and quality inspections every day. To this end, we emphasize an objective management system based on data.

Case Studies

Our sales, engineering and manufacturing staff work together to solve your issues. Here are several examples.

CASE01.Development of packaging able to heat food evenly

Client’s industry
Food company (boxed lunches, prepared food) 
Microwavable package for prepared food
Development of packaging able to heat food evenly
Our suggestion was the pillow pouch packaging MicroSteamer. With food steamed more effectively due to a smaller steam vent, the uneven heating issue was solved.


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