Volume Up Tray

The top seal packaging looks voluminous.

With the flange raised on both sides (trapezoidal, arc, etc.), the top seal packaging can look larger and deeper, in spite of the difficulty of achieving a three-dimensional appearance.

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  • A film lid (heat seal) that replaces the sheet lid and shrink film improves the sealing performance and reduces weight.
  • Film applied to the non-flat tray flange for hermetic sealing contributes to a longer shelf life and reduction of food loss with MAP.
  • Though it is a top seal tray, it can produce an impression of volume in the same way as a sheet lid.
  • In combination with the MicroSteamer, self-venting is available during heating in a microwave oven.


Prepared food, boxed lunches, pasta, desert, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Basic Shape

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Food easily visible with top seal packaging
Going beyond the conventional concept of a flat flange, the tray’s front side is cut diagonally. Since the tray has greater visibility from the front, the food inside is easily visible on the shelf, increasing the competitiveness at the store.


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