Anti-fog Coating

Functional coating to prevent fogging of transparent film and make contents clearly visible

After food is hermetically sealed and shipped, the ambient temperature is lowered through the cold chain, and water vapor coming in contact with the inside of the film forms water droplets. Especially fine water droplets cause irregular reflection of transmitted light and fogging, reducing transparency. The anti-fog coating allows a clear appearance.


  • Anti-fog coating is widely applied with a focus on top sealing film.
  • Our anti-fog additives are compliant with the requirements for food additive ingredients and the positive list defined by the revised version of the Food Sanitation Law.
  • Coating is applied to a variety of film such as polyethylene film and different types of easy-to-peel sealant film.
  • Anti-fog coating can be also added to our microwavable MicroSteamer, and EcoLook and Volume Up Tray that have a specially shaped flange.

Example of anti-fog solution

We poured water of the given temperature into a container, covered it with anti-fog coating film, allowed it to stand for the specified time at the set ambient temperature, and checked for fog resistance inside the film.

Temperature of water in the container 30°C => Ambient temperature 5°C

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