Stand-up pouch compatible with pillow packaging

Stand-up pouch with a special structure to increase self-standing strength, featuring a skirt-like fold acting as a foundation around the bottom.

New inline packaging system now available!
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Winner of a Good Design Award

EdgeStand won a Good Design Award for its unique structure and functionality.
Presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion
Commonly called “G Mark”



The skirt around the bottom of the pouch is integrated into its sides to increase the self-standing ability.


The entire pouch including the skirt, is made of a sheet of laminated film, being suitable for solids, granules, powder, etc.

Material composition

General-purpose film can be used. Example: PET//CPP

Environmentally friendly

Weight reduction is easier compared with a plastic container or metal can, and the inclusion of paper
is under consideration.


This packaging allows FFS for a pillow pouch with roll stock.
Roll stock film with a fold is used (offline system). The inline system using general film is a new addition.
-> For details, please see “Inline Packaging System.”)

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