General Packaging

General Packaging Materials

We offer a wide variety of flexible packaging to suit your needs.
To serve you quickly, our system is ready to supply both roll stock and bags, items for food and non-food, and single layer and lamination, allowing us to make a proposal from the planning stage.


  • According to the required functions, our sales and technical staff offer a proposal about the optimum material composition.
  • Our in-house designers can offer a design proposal.
  • Our products cover a wide range of items from cost-conscious single layer items to multi-layer items for liquid filling.
  • To be ready for a variety of forms, we have a bag manufacturing line. The line can handle both heat sealing and hot wire sealing.
  • We are happy to have a face-to-face or online meeting to discuss your needs upon request.
  • For top seal packaging trays, we can offer a proposal of both film and tray based on the verification of sealing performance and ease of peeling and supply them.


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