Shaped Pouch/Spout Pouch

Due to the unique shape of the pouches, the products on the shelves stand out.

Three side seal bags and stand-up pouches with a unique shape can be manufactured through the cutting process to improve not only the graphic design but also the ease of holding and originality.


  • We offer shaped bags of various compositions, including the use of aluminum foil and transparent vapor deposition.
  • We can also offer both a design and bag shape.
  • Packaging can either include or exclude a spout.

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Winner of the Good Design Award.
Eye-catching on the shelf
This gusseted stand-up pouch is specially designed to increase self-standing strength, featuring a skirt-like fold acting as a foundation around the bottom. EdgeStand is available in a pillow bag packaging machine.

Hybrid box

Joining paper box and plastic film bag together
Plastic film bag inside a paper box. By cutting the film flap protruding from the top of the box, you can easily pour the contents, reclose the box and recycle the package after use.


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