Chokoku Plast Corporation
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Business Information
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Chokoku Plast Corporation designs, manufactures and sells mainly packaging products made out of plastic film. In addition to general packaging, we also supply several original products to customers.
News & Topics
8/20/2018 Participation in TOKYO PACK 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/2-5)
8/26/2016 Participation in TOKYO PACK 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/4-7)
8/22/2014 Participation in TOKYO PACK 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/7-10)

Participation in TOKYO PACK 2012 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/2-5)Gnew two items(VUT,Hybrid BOX)were announced.

8/28/2010 Participation in TOKYO PACK 2010 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/5-8)
9/22/2008 Participation in TOKYO PACK 2008 at Tokyo Big Sight (10/7-11)
6/1/2007 Chokoku Gravure Corporation and Plast Corporation merged and made a new start, operating under the new name "Chokoku Plast Corporation".
3/18/2007 Our easy-peel product, P-Con, has been upgraded and now supports full-color printing.
3/18/2007 Participation in A- PACK 2007 at Intex Osaka (4/18-21)
10/3/2006 Horizontal FFS type (film roll supply) added to EdgeStand lineup.
Volume Up Tray (VUT)
Standard bag